Wall-mounted unit provides comfortable airflow benefits combined with low energy consumption.


  • Seasonal efficiencies up to A++ in cooling.
  • Control the inside from outside with the Onecta app (optional).

Quiet and discreet, the Sensira is ideal for installing above doorways, allowing optimum atmospheric control throughout the room with minimum disturbance.

What you get.

Outdoor unit.

Fits on your roof, wall or in your garden.

Indoor unit.

Low energy, wall-mounted unit.

Smart Control.

The Daikin Onecta app allows you to manage your unit, create schedules and track usage, straight from your smartphone or tablet.

Product information.

Heating and cooling

Energy rating
Up to 8.2 / 7.1

Dimensions (h x w x d)
770 x 225 x 285 mm

Heating/cooling (kW)
Up to 5.8 / 5.0

Sound decibels
Down to 20 dBA

Indoor units on a single outdoor unit