Underfloor Heating.

What it is.

Underfloor heating is a great way of heating the home and consists of a series of pipework which are concealed within the floor and then filled with warm water and powered by a boiler (or even better - an air source heat pump.)

It’s a really efficient way of heating the home and can provide savings from 15%-40% against traditional heating methods. The nice warm feeling of a heated floor under your feet makes getting up on those cold mornings or coming home that little bit cosier. And if you have pets we are sure they’ll love it too!

How it works.

The great thing about underfloor heating is that is works by turning your floor in to a large, efficient, invisible radiator that spreads the heat evenly across the room and doesn’t leave you with any cold spots.

All the benefits.

💰 Energy efficient with an average saving of 15% on your heating bills.

🔨 No bulky radiators taking up valuable wall space meaning you can design your home the way you like.

🌡 Evenly distributed temperatures meaning no cold spots. (Not just with flooring but with carpet too!)

🏠 Extremely flexible as it can be installed in new builds, renovations and extensions with options for any type of floor construction.

➕ It’s a lot safer and healthier than radiators with no sharp edges or hot exposed areas and can create a healthier home for those who suffer from respiratory conditions as it reduces dust movement due to the circulation of the air.

🦶 Warm underfoot meaning no more cold floors.

📱 Individually controlled zones mean you can control the temperature in each room to suit your family’s needs. You can even control it on the move with our smart thermostats and app meaning you can have your desired room temperatures ready for when you get home.

🌱 Ideal partner for low carbon renewable heat sources like air source heat pumps.

Your options.

Screed systems

This system is the most efficient and easy to install, involving attaching heating pipes to insulation with staples or clip-rail, then covering with a screed. Ideal for new builds or extensions.

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Suspended floor systems

Swift aluminium spreader plates make installing on exposed joists easier for upper floors. Grooves for pipe clips, floor height maintained by heat emission plates.

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We have more systems available, too.

Contact us to discover all of your options.

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Can I install underfloor heating upstairs?

Yes, we have various types of systems that can be used on upper floors.

Is my property suitable for underfloor heating?

The simple answer is yes, we have systems suitable for new builds and also for existing properties where they are looking to be retrofitted.  

What floor coverings can I have with my underfloor heating?

Swift underfloor heating can be used under most floor coverings including Amtico, Karndean, carpet, vinyl, tiles, laminate and engineered wood. We do recommend checking with your flooring provider if you are unsure.

What happens if there is a leak?

Our underfloor heating pipes have no joints in them and the pipes we supply come with a 50-year warranty. In the event of a pipe leaking we do have pipe repair kits available. So, unless your floor becomes very badly damaged you shouldn’t need to worry about the pipes leaking as it is very rare.

Can underfloor heating be used with an air source heat pump?

Absolutely! They are the perfect partner for underfloor heating due to operating at much lower flow temperatures than radiators. We provide air source heat pumps so we can design a fully integrated bespoke system incorporating underfloor heating.

Is underfloor heating expensive to run?

Underfloor heating is about 25% more efficient to run than radiators which means this will save you money on your heating bills.

Is underfloor heating safe?

Yes, underfloor heating is a lot safer than radiators as there are no exposed hot surfaces or sharp corners. It’s also healthier as it removes anywhere for dust to get trapped.

Where does my manifold go?

We recommend that your manifold goes as central as possible to avoid long pipe runs as the longer the pipe runs the more pipe is required but don’t worry our experienced design team will be able to advise on the best manifold locations during the design stage.

Do you install underfloor heating under kitchen units?

No, we advise against installing underfloor heating under kitchen units as it causes the heat to be trapped as it can cause any food storage areas to become compromised.

Can rooms be controlled individually with underfloor heating?

Yes they can as each room has its own separate zone that can be controlled by its own individual room thermostat, giving you total control over your heating and rooms temperature.

Why choose Swift?

Join us for a greener future! From initial contact to installation completion, we provide full support. The government offers a £7,500 grant to help transition to eco-friendly solutions. We are an accredited organization ready to assist with the application process.

Swift offers finance options for flexible payments. Choose us to reduce your carbon footprint and support the UK's goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.

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